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Phil O'Keefe

Phil O'Keefe
Phil O'Keefe is Professor of Economic Development and Environmental Management at Northumbria University. He graduated in geography from Newcastle University & completed his doctorate at The School of Oriental and African Studies. Since his 1st teaching post in 1973 he has worked at universities all over the world including the University of Khartoum, the Disaster Research Unit at Bradford University, the Graduate School of Geography, Clark University and the Beijer Institute, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which has since become the Stockholm Environment Institute. He has been editor of Antipode & was Book Review Editor of Economic Geography. In 1984, he returned home to the then Newcastle Polytechnic, now Northumbria University. He has worked through ETC International for much of the last 25 years and contributes to the Grand Transition Initiative.

Phil O'Keefe was on the panel of Limits to Growth in 21st Century as part of The Green Phoenix debate programme in August 2010.

Books by Phil O'Keefe

The Future of Energy Use by Phil O'Keefe, Geoff O'Brien and Nicola Pearsall

The Future of Energy Use 
by Phil O'Keefe, Geoff O'Brien and Nicola Pearsall
Following the success of its predecessor, this second edition of The Future of Energy Use provides essential analysis of the use of different forms of energy and their environmental and social impacts. It examines conventional, nuclear and renewable sources and technologies, using relevant case studies and providing a vital link between technology and related policy issues. The new edition has been comprehensively developed and updated, including new text, diagrams and tables, with entire new sections that reflect the significant changes that have occurred since the first edition. New material includes: a stronger focus on climate change policy and energy security; a discussion of the long run marginal costs of oil; coverage of the biofuels debate in both the developed and developing worlds; an outline of developments in the built environment (including transport issues); and the relationship between behaviour and energy use. It reviews policy shifts with relation to energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage, combined heat and power, and combined cycle gas turbines. There is new coverage of nuclear waste, storage and proliferation, and new material on microgeneration and biofuels, as well as essential new information on carbon markets and the hydrogen economy. The result is a unique introduction and guide to all the vital issues within energy for students, academics and professionals new to the field.

Redefining Sustainable Development by Neil Middleton and Phil O'Keefe

Redefining Sustainable Development by Neil Middleton & Phil O'Keefe
Development and assistance in disasters is about helping people to help themselves. It is to do with facilitating 'sustainable livelihoods' and addressing the ills of social discrimination. These seem to be self-evident propositions. In fact, they are a minefield. If development workers intervene to assist in the creation of environmentally sustainable livelihoods, what judgemental codes are contained in the everyday cultural and linguistic assumptions of development practitioners? What account do they give of the environment and people's relationship to it? If livelihoods are to be economically sustainable, by which economic criteria is the judgement made? Is the objective to keep projects going until the funds run out, or, like cancer patients, to survive for five years, or to knit people into the world's trading systems? If projects are to be sustainable, they must be socially just. By whose justice do we judge? At present much development and disaster relief work derives its importance solely from providing opportunities for honing survival skills. The authors of this book examine these questions and others in detail and argue that the assumptions of the social-democratic world, including those of international NGOs, are tied to the perpetuation of capitalism. Neil Middleton and Phil O'Keefe suggest that the issue, in the face of anarchic global financial power, is to re-think the n ature of class in a late capitalist world and to recognise indigenous NGOs as the new political vehicles for its struggle.

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Selected Publications

2008 The Vulnerable Society (with G. O達rien and J. Rose). Area,.40, 4, pp520-521

2008 Climate Adaptation from a Poverty Perspective (with G. O達rien, H. Meena, J.Rose and L. Wilson). Climate Policy, 8, pp194-201

2007 Energy, poverty and Governance (with J.Rose and G.O達rien). International Journal of Environmental Studies. Vol. 64. No. 5. pp. 607-618

2006 Energy, poverty and governance. (with G.O達rien and J.Rose) International Journal of Environmental Studies 64,5. pp 607-618.

2006 A solar energy resources assessment in Mozambique. (with B.Cuamba, M.L. Chenene, G.Mahumane, D.Z.Quissico and J.Lovseth) Journal of Energy in Southern Africa. Vol.17. No.4. pp.76-85.

2006 Mainstreaming the African Environment in Development (with R. Cline-Cole) Review of African Political Economy. 109, 33. Pp 377-389.

2006 Politics, History and Humanitarian Assistance in Sudan. (with N. Middleton). Review of African Political Economy. 109, 33, pp.543-559.

2006 The Future of Nuclear Power in Europe: A Response. (with G.O達rien). International Journal of Environmental Studies Vol.63.No.2. April 2006, 121-130. 2006 Climate change and disaster management. (with G.O達rien, J.Rose and B.Wisner). Disasters. 30, 1. Pp.64-80.

2005 Theses on Peasantry Revisted (with Johnson, K. and Wisner, B.) Antipode. Vol 7, No.5. 944-955.

2004 Energy & Poverty: Some Key Policy Issues. EASE, June 2004. Volume 1. pp 8 9.

2004 Revisiting Somalia (with A.Samatar). ROAPE, 101, 533-536.

2004 Humanitarian Assistance 1992-1999: Danida痴 Evaluation (with N.Dabelstein). Mass Emergencies. 22,1. pp.131-142

2001 Introduction: Rethinking Environment and Development in Africa and Asia (with J.Kirkby and C.Howorth). Land Degradation and Development, 12, 3. 195-203.

2001 Gardening to Reduce Hazard: Urban Agriculture in Tanzania. (with C.Howorth and I.Convery). Land Degradation and Development, 12,3. 285-291.

2001 A Survey of Evaluation Experience in Complex Emergencies. (with J.Kirkby, C.Howorth and A.Collins). The International Journal of Human Rights. Vol.5.No.2.

2000 Disaster and Development (with N. Middleton). World Review. Vol.4.No.1.

Articles in Books

2008 Relief Operations (with J.Rose). International Encylopaedia of Public Health. Elsevier. London

2008 Humanitarian Aid (with J.Rose) in Desai, V. and Potter R.,B., (Eds) The Companion to Development Studies. Hodder. London.

2003 Poverty (with J.Gough, D.Fuller) in R.W.Caves (Ed) Encyclopaedia of the City. Routledge. London.

2002 Somalie: vers l帝valuation de l誕ide humanitaire n馥rlandaise (avec Ted Kliest, John Kirkby et Wiert Flikkema) in A.Wood et al (Eds) ノvaluer l誕ction humanitaire. Karthala. Paris. pp. 38-64.

2002 Refugees and Human Conflict (with J.Kirkby). Encyclopaedia of Global Environmental Change. J.Wiley & Sons. London.

2002 Biomass Use for Urban Fuels. Encyclopaedia of Global Environmental Change. J.Wiley & Sons. London.

2002 Biomass Burning in Rural Homes in Tropical Areas. Encyclopaedia of Global Environmental Change. J.Wiley & Sons. London.

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