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The Great Debate

POLITICS in PUBS Newcastle
Can we trust the news media?
7pm, Tuesday 19th September 2023
The Telegraph
Orchard Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 3NY

Come and have your say over a pint or two. Everyone welcome. More ...

ice north east and The Great Debate present
ice breaking dialogues

The ice breaking dialogues has been on hold since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, but we hope to be back with you soon!

Philosophies for the Future
Postponed until further notice

The Thinker
In our ever-changing world, the ideals of the past can seem increasingly irrelevant and outdated. Modern theory has failed to engage with how our political and social nature have changed since the great theorists of the past characterised capitalism, economics, social structures and human nature. There is a real need for society to reappraise where it is and where it is going and to think through how best to deal with contemporary issues from uncertainty about future climate and growing global population to the collapse in trust in political parties and processes. So how should we approach the future? It is this central question that Philosophies for the Future would like to tackle head on. Drawing on thinkers and activists from distinct schools of thought this one day workshop will invite participants to take on the challenge of navigating today's issues with a critical eye and to engage in debate and discussion about what matters to us and what we can do about it.


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