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Brexit - Opportunity or Catastrophe for the North East?
Thursday, 14th June 2018
Mining Institute, Neville Hall, Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SE

Over a year into the Brexit negotiations heated arguments still rage about what Brexit will mean for the people of the UK. Competing claims about how we should view Brexit and what we can expect over the next few years fill the news and social media. Some see exciting opportunities for increased wealth and freedom while others are sure that great hardship is on its way. So, who is right? Will we be better or worse off? Will it mean more or less investment in infrastructure and construction? What will be the impact on industry and business? What can we expect in the first few years and in the long term? What can we do to make sure that the people of the North East get a good deal?
Further details to follow

Chair: Caspar Hewett, Director, The Great Debate

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