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Future Events


Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and The Great Debate present
Responding to Climate Change: Should the Experts Decide?
5.30pm, Monday, 11th September 2017
The Core, Science Central
Bath Lane, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5TF

Public distrust of experts has become a hot topic recently, notably in the discussions surrounding Brexit and the US presidential election. This gives rise to serious questions about what part expertise should play in decision making and whether this is compatible with democracy. What does this mean for climate change policy? Some argue that, given the scientific consensus on climate change, policy should be driven by the experts. Others argue that the science of climate change is only a small part of the story when it comes to making decisions about, for example, energy policy. So, how much weight should be given to the views of climate scientists? How do we make the right decisions about our future?

This event, open to all, will explore these issue with a panel of speakers in conversation with the audience. Full details.

Mo Lovatt, co-Director, The Great Debate
Professor Sir Robert Watson, Chair, Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity Ecosystem Services

Chair: Caspar Hewett, Director, The Great Debate

Come along, hear the arguments and have your say!

ice north east and The Great Debate present
ice breaking dialogues

Education: Who Should Pay?
6:00pm, Thursday 12th October 2017
Mining Institute
Neville Hall
Westgate Rd
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SE

What is the right balance between publicly and privately funded university education? Some argue that society benefits from an educated population, especially in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), and that the cost of education should thus be borne by the tax-payer. Others argue that it is individuals who benefit most and that students should be expected to pay for their education. In 30 years the UK has shifted from a system in which students received maintenance grants and paid no fees to one in which students are expected to take out loans to cover maintenance and tuition fees. Which is better? How should university education be paid for? Should individuals pay for their own education? Or should the state pay? Does the current policy fail poorer students, restricting access to Higher Education? Is there a better way to pay?

We invite anyone interested to discuss the issues. Come and join the discussion


Chair: Caspar Hewett, Director, The Great Debate

Tickets: 3 (FREE for students)
Ticket price includes buffet and an after-debate drink
Buffet at 6pm with the dialogues starting at 6:30pm

We are currently planning a wider series of events for 2017 - Watch this space or join The Great Debate facebook group,
visit The Great Debate facebook page
and/or follow us on twitter: @greatdebateuk

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