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Let's Build

Letís Build!
Why we need five million new homes in the next 10 years

James Heartfield

With a foreword by Robert Bruegmann
Edited by Kate Moorcock-Abley

You have been told that the housing market is booming. So why are there no houses that you can afford being built?

You want to know why house prices have spiralled out of control. House building is lower than it has been since the Second World War, and there are not enough homes being built to meet the demand.

James Heartfield You have been told that developers want to concrete over the countryside. It is not true. No more than one tenth of Britain is developed.

Far from being in short supply, land is going to waste, because the law stops it from being developed.

This book explains why Britain stopped building homes for its citizens to live in. For too long government policy has been in the grip of officials who want to stop new building.

Letís Build! explains why all the reasons for not building new homes - the scare stories about the environment, about suburbia, about social cohesion - are just excuses.

James Heartfield is a director of Audacity, the campaigning company that advocates developing the man-made environment. He writes and lectures on development and regeneration, and is currently based at the University of Westminster's Centre for the Study of Democracy. You can email James on Heartfield@blueyonder.co.uk and visit his web page at www.heartfield.org

Robert Bruegmann is an historian of architecture, landscape and the built environment. He is professor and chair in the Art History Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he is also professor of Architecture and Urban Planning. His book Sprawl: A Compact History was published by the University of Chicago Press in November 2005.

Audacity organises authoritative international research, large conferences on pressing development issues, has a provocative website - www.audacity.org - and publishes a dynamic school of writers, public speakers and photographers.

Letís Build! is sponsored by the Modern Masonry Alliance. They develop and promote masonry construction Ė the bricks, blocks, stone and precast concrete; the cement and mortar which bind them together; the researchers and technicians advancing the industry; the men and women who build masonry homes, buildings and structures. For more information visit www.modernmasonry.co.uk

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